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NY Comic Con Recap … Comics, Cos-Play and Cleavage

NY Comic Con Recap … Comics, Cos-Play and Cleavage

One lesson learned from this Comic Con (#NYCC) is how to get attention to your booth and how to fail at selling swords. As we started our Adventure into the world of comic book geeks ( Our People 😛 ), anime freaks and Cos-play Goddesses we learned a few life lessons off the bat. if you yell “Free Stuff and Hot chicks” you will get at-least 10 people to look at your booth and 2 or 3 to walk over lol.  Now with over 95k attendees and lasting a total of 40+ hours ( over 4 days). If you yell “Free stuff and Hot chicks” once every 10 min you  after the convention is over you will have had atleast 500 people visit your booth. So lesson learned? … Next year when you hear “Free stuff and Hot chicks!” we welcome you to the Man Cave Daily Vendor table lol.

Back to topic: The show was amazing (As expected), I Laughed, I cried (when my sell phone died) and i rejoiced when i got the shake Hands and meet Geoff Johns . The Convention was Massive being host to well over 100k fans. the Cos-play was of course amazing featuring this months Venom Vixen Yaya Han doing some Awesome Cos-Play as Amber from Sucker Punch ( THis might be from the SD Con But who cares she hot).


So in closing We have some Videos to post and Cool exclusive updates for you to check out. So enjoy the photos and dont forget to comment and share. “Sharing Man cave Daily content helps the wales!” … No not really but DO IT ANYWAY!

Comic Con Day 1 : Photo Credit 
Michelle Wenz & Jeffery Thacker

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Comic Con Day 2 : Photo Credit 
Michelle Wenz & Jeffery Thacker

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