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Venom Vixen: Denise Milani Gallery

Venom Vixen: Denise Milani Gallery

The lovely Denise Milani Is so Hot she almost Overloaded the site. ( No really It almost happen Long story …) Anyway enough about our bandwidth problems, all is fixed and we have a Full gallery of SOme high res image for you. Check them out and dont forget to Like us on facebook for more Denise Updates :).

Denise Milani is used to being the center of attention. The oldest of three girls, she first started standing out from the crowd at the age of 13 when her breasts began developing at a far faster rate than those of her flat-chested peers. Her stunning physical maturation made her something of a star in her small Czech town and boys would routinely steal glimpses of her during class and at the fashion boutique where she worked after school.
denise milani begins modeling for sportsbybrooks
Denise Milani left the Czech Republic following her 21st birthday to move to California. It didn’t take long for Americans to fall in love with her top-heavy appearance as well and she was encouraged to try her hand at modeling after being discovered at a bar in Hermosa Beach in 2004. She soon began appearing at car shows and in bikini contests before signing an exclusive contract to model for SPORTSbyBROOKS, a popular online sports destination that also features tasteful photos of busty models. Milani quickly became one of the site’s most popular attractions and she began accompanying the site’s very lucky creator at promotional events across the U.S., including stops in Los Angeles, Malibu, Boston, and Maui.

Read more: http://www.askmen.com/celebs/women/models_300/390_denise_milani.html#ixzz1cf8K4FJy

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