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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Live Stream

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Live Stream

IGN  is presenting a live stream of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Check here for details and we will be updating as the live stream goes. Stay tuned to The Man Cave Daily for more.


Live Streaming Details: Note these are Live updating notes More organized post coming soon. 

The first mission starts off in London, with the player as a part of an SAS Unit tracking suspicious activity. One of the big differences is that the game starts off in more of a stealth mode. Game-play seems to be alot like MW2 but the details like pothole covers and even the sunlight and building structures are more pronounced.

Different stlyes of play change the online gamplay. Now, instead of just getting kill streaks based on your high body count, like when you support the team in capturing the flag, you get to get a point streak which can give you packages for support. Modern Warfare isn’t just about a high body count anymore.

There are 10 Prestige  and 80 Levels. The reason for this was the introduction of a curve, to help how to smooth out the leveling up process. This factor adds up to a longer ranking up game-play. When you unlock gear you get the one weapon that you need no matter what level prestige you get.

Survival Mode: Can be endless Waves after Waves.

The best Gun in Call of Duty Modern warfare 3 is … ALL of them … they can be customized and Changed to be Better weapons the more you play with them. Leaving up a weapon you unlock everything for that weapon, and weapon P. Like “Less Kick” “and Dual Attachments along with the perks for weapons.

There is no Diving in Modern Warfare 3. The style of the game-play is different The stats that are tracked in the elite service.  the Elite service allows players to identify what type of players they are and allows them to change their weapons to Kick ASS!

Kill Confirm Mode Multi-player game mode: Each time you kill an enemy you have to collect the Gold enemy Tags to get the points, if you collect the Red tags that your team mates drop you can deny the points of that kill to the Enemy player. Also use the tatic of leaving the tags as Bate to Get enemies to come to you.

New Game types in private Matches. You can change game rules and Take out Perks and weapons Like the Halo rules.  They included Juggernaut Game modes.

Recon Drones Look awesome it allows you to Tag players and locate Objectives. This Advantage is great with a Guy who communicates and talks with his teammates.

You can reserve Clan Tags in Elite, and Colors and Pretty much use a page as a home base for your clan.

There will be no customization like Face paint and Outfit.  the Custom features will go into the Weapons and Perks and Packages.

16 all new Multi player Maps Come with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Marksman Perk: allows you to Identify Enemy Targets at a Longer range.

Strike Packages

Celebrity Voices Will be in the game like last time. IW confirmed some High A-list Celebs to voice the game and characters.

New characters Like Sandman, who are based off of Actual Delta Force members.

Different Vehicles will be in the game Campaign and Multi-player.

More info Streaming in Stay Tuned.

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