Call of Duty MW3 Maps Liberation and Piazza New DLC

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By on January 10, 2012

Straight from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3′s Facebook and OUr Elite Press contact, Here is some Video and High res images of the new Call of duty maps and new DLC. We have been looking forward to some new maps and getting our hands on it first. Make sure you join Us and the ManCave #MCDy Clan on Elite. So check out the new maps and make sure you share the heck out of this post lol. We shall make the Internets EXPLODE! … sorry bout that random fit of internet domination #hopeful.

The Call of Duty®: MW3 content season kicks off this month first on Xbox LIVE delivering a variety of brand new content every month over the next 9 months for Call of Duty ELITE premium members. Published by Activision, the developers from Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, Raven Software and Beachhead Studio introduce the first two Call of Duty ELITE drops, multiplayer maps Liberation and Piazza, available to our premium members first on Xbox LIVE on January 24th. For non-premium members, the content is coming to you as well, stay tuned for dates. And this is only the beginning… Follow #MW3 updates on Twitter via @fourzerotwo, and join us at and


From the looks of the maps we can see that Liberation which takes place in New York’s Central Park will be more of a sniper map so make sure you get your sniper class ready with a 2nd Primary or some Ninja and a silencer. This map is not about the RUn and Gun but more about the ideal placement for kills. Just like when the game was first release no one will have a clear position advantage except people who have played and practiced on the map.

RB: Liberation for me is great for objective game types– so I like Dom[ination] because it is more wide open, and that’s what I want– I want those open areas when I’m playing Domination. Whereas Piazza has a lot of tight corridors and it’s a lot of fast-paced, intense combat; Kill-Confirmed.

Piazza on the other hand is a whole different type of map, where unless you are an extreme quick scope expert you need to have a QUick Draw class. SO pull out the SMG of your choice and apply the quickdraw and slight of hand perks because this is going to be a fast and ugly Map with Tons of explosions from the noob tubers.

Robert Bowling: Well Italy was chosen simply because it’s very beautiful; the location is very unique visually from anything else we currently have in Modern Warfare 3. And that’s really what we’re looking for– we want a lot of variety, not only in terms of the gameplay that it delivers but also visually. The Italy seaside location was unique in terms of gameplay because it is very tight corridors, the type of city and villages that they are, offer and lend themselves to very unique and dynamic gameplay because of the tight corridors and the verticality of fighting up this hillside village.


SO get ready for this Exclusive DLC from Call of duty Modern Warfare 3 and BeachHead Studios. See ya online


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