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Avengers After credits scene Thanos

Avengers After credits scene Thanos

Thanos Appears in Avengers After credits scene
Thanos of Titan

The Avenegers was an Epic movie and we fully reviewed it here >> Avengers Official Review << . But now i wanted to chat a bit about the after credits scene that featured a character Many wont be familiar with but Alot of people will be. After the credits we see the being that gave Loki the army to invade earth, but he is not alone he is on one knee talking to his master about how humans “Cant be Conquered” or ruled”To challenge them is to court DEATH. The Titan figure turns and smiles with an Intent to do just that (Court Death). Once you get into the history of Thanos on of the main focal points is that he is obsessed and in love with the female embodiment of “Death” so he wishes to court her.

Thanos to be played by actor Damion Poitier, In "Avengers 2" or "Guardians of the Galaxy"

This Titan from the planter Titan, is known as Thanos. Originally, we thought that if Thanos was going to make an appearance in the Avengers that he would be all CGI but as it turns out Director Joss Whedon has cast an actor who he has worked with in the past to play the part of a live action Thanos. This actors name is Damion Poitier and in the Avengers his cast title is simply “Man #1″ But we now have confirmation that Thanos will be played by Damion Poitier ether in the upcoming Avengers 2 or the next Marvel project “Guardians of the Galaxy”.


We suspected that the Infinity Gauntlet and Thanos might play a role in an upcoming film because we saw it in the Thor movie inside of Odins Vault. Which also would explain when Thor first appears in the Avengers movie and talks with Loki as if he suspected where Loki is getting his new power from. Odin and or Thor must have had a Run in with Thanos in the past or fear one in the future. Also in this clip we notice that Thanos is without the Glove that makes him all powerful and perhaps that is because it is in Odin’s Vault that we saw here in “Thor”.

Thano's all powerful Infinity Gauntlet locked away in Odins Vault

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  1. there is one thing though. thanos first plots to take the cosmic cube before he attempts to have the infinity gauntlet. He also collects all the soul gems on in order to use the gauntlet. The gems are already in it in Thor.

    i suspect the thanos appearance will be the first thanos war

  2. Awesome!! The idiot projectionists turned the lights on during this scene at the theater I saw Avengers at and couldn’t tell what was going on. Now I can and this looks AMAZING!!! So good to have films that mirror the comics more accurately! They are finally doing these the RIGHT way!!

    Could Thanos appear in Thor 2 rather than the next Avengers film? It’s possible…

    Can’t wait!!

  3. I agree! This movie was awesome! Some people tend to get way too critical. It’s almost impossible to transpose comic book concepts into film – but this one sure did it right. Thanos and Thor is/was an epic struggle, but his (Thanos) real rival was Mar-Vell, who could be played quite well by someone like Matthew McCaunaghy – though he’d have to work hard to hide the drawl. This movie made me feel like a kid again. What a brilliant way to show Hulk. Him punching Thor unexpectedly – maybe the highlight of the entire movie.

  4. Mar-Vell is best suited for the big screen, always was…if Marvel does this, it will be the best thing to ever happen in comic book movies!

    1. You make a Great Point about one of the gems being in loki’s staff. But does that mean the gems are powered by the Cube? That would make perefect sense to why Thanos wants that cube.

      1. It would seem that the blue gem is indeed the mind gem, given to Loki by Thanos. A cosmic cube is essentially a source of inexhaustible energy- but more than that – it can warp reality itself. My guess is that the gems in the gauntlet inside Odin’s treasure room are “dummy” gems, and that we will see different ones popping up as plot devices in the next few individual hero movies (Iron Man 3, Thor 2, etc…).

        No the gems are not powered by the cube, but an individual gem is not as great a treasure as the cube. Combined with the power gem, any other gem is a far more formidable force- but the cube alone is one of the ultimate artifacts.

        Seeing the Eye of Agamotto in Odin’s treasure room makes me think Dr. Strange will find his way into this series, but who knows.

        1. Dude i totally agree with you on that. I just went to the comics shop and picked up The recent War of Kings and Guardians of the Galaxy. It would seem since Mark R. signed on for 6 more Marvel movies the hulk will ether have a bunch of Cameos in new movies or he will have his own. Bring on “World War Hulk” If thats done then the return of Thanos will tie in Nicely with War of Kings and the Thanos Initiative!.

          And Im also excited about the Dr. Strange Possibilities.

  5. im disappointed that thanos will not be cgi, so he’s not going to look much like the comics. he’ll just look like a human with make-up. they already kind of screwed up the look of thanos in the movie, his skin was the wrong color and he had blue eyes!! thanos’s eyes have ALWAYS been black, with maybe a gleam of red or white. i was hoping that wasn’t his hand they showed a close up of. he’s gonna be skinny!! in the comics he’s as big as the hulk. no reason he shouldn’t be cgi, he’s an alien.. also the infinity gauntlet they showed in thor looked weird, i hope they change it.

    and I’m confused. the guardians of the galaxy didn’t have anything to do with the infinity gauntlet saga so i wonder what storyline they’re using.


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