New Gears of War Game – Prequel?

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By on May 31, 2012

There’s a new Gears of War game coming from Epic Games, people. While we don’t have any details about the next game in the Gears series, we know when we’ll know more about it. Microsoft’s E3 press conference on Monday morning should reveal all (or at least some) of the details. We’re hoping to check out some live gameplay from the next Gears of War as well.

The press conference is set to go off live, and we’ll be streaming it here VIA, so check out G4′s E3 2012 site on Monday for everything Microsoft, as well as tons of E3 2012 trailers, news, interviews and more.

The only other piece of information about the game comes by way of the cover of the next magazine Game Informer. Click the “Read More” tag to check it out.


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