Anthony Mackie In talks to play Falcon [Marvel's first African American Hero] in Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier

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By on July 16, 2012

Anthony Mackie Is currently in talks with Marvel Studios to play the role of Falcon in the upcoming Captain America Sequel “Captain  America 2: Winter solider” Set for release April 4, 2014. The character was created by stan Lee in 1969 and made his first appearance in Captain America #117 and was Marvel’s First African American Super-Hero.

More about Falcon: Sam Wilson was a Harlem social worker who shares an empathic link with birds, including his own falcon, Redwing. After becoming a costumed hero, Wilson made use of a flight harness to take flight alongside Cap.

Its unknown what the real Plot of Captain America 2 will be but if it stays to to the “Winter Solider” Comic series we will learn about the true fate of James “Bucky” Barnes.

Stay Tuned for more updates!


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