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Assassins Creed Movie Cast Michael Fassbender

Assassins Creed Movie Cast Michael Fassbender

As many of Us have expected with the games great success, Ubisoft has decided to start the production of the Assassins Creed Movie. Its unknown when its expected to start offical production or a realease date but we do know that actor Michael Fassbender has been attached to the Assassins Creed Movie Project. Known for movies such as ‘300’, ‘Jonna Hex’, ‘X-men First Class’ and most recently an appearance in Prometheus. The actor is also set to produce the film as well.

“Michael Fassbender was our first choice [for the project],” Ubisoft Motion Pictures president Jean-Julien Baronnet said of the casting. “Michael is an extremely smart, talented, versatile and committed actor.”

The movie really has no way to go wrong if they keep to the basic storyline and dramatics of the video game. Some people are not fans of the video games because lets face it some people only enjoy first person shooters and Madden. But that being said even the non loyal fans of video games all know and love the originality of the story and plot. Any movie that involves Time Travel, Ancient secrets, underground brotherhoods and hidden knives! is bond to make millions at the box office and that before a script is even written lol.

We are looking forward to hearing more about the upcoming Assassins creed movie and we will keep you updated as well.

About Assassins Creed:

The “Assassin’s Creed” video games center on an ancient order of assassins spanning a vast number of time periods from the Crusades to the American Revolution. When a young man named Desmond Miles is abducted by a secret organization with ties to the Knights Templar, he learns that he’s connected to these assassins in a way he never could have imagined.



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