Superman: Man of Steel Sneak peek [Video] Teaser Trailer and Official Poster

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By on July 16, 2012


Man of Steel panel Floored fans at Comic-Con over the weekend with a Powerful teaser trailer. Its the basic story of Supes but rather then playing on his super powers and the Sci-Fi of the character, Director Zack Snyder is exploring the darker side of superman and his story. Brining a more human and mortal feel to the All-Powerful son of krypton.  Details were not revealed in the trailer of who the villain is but for the one sec slip of Superman being thrown across a room into a safe door, kind of renforces Fans belief in the main villain being General Zod. If this is true it means that the story will explore supermans weakness even more, and also reenforce the fans connection to his eventual triumph.

Check out the teaser of the movie below (WHile it last) and also drool over the newly released poster for “The Man of Steel”. It’s rumored that the Man of Steel trailer is going to be shown during the Dark Knight Rises Previews. SO get there early and keep your eyes open!

Please note: We do not own this video nor did we upload it, we found it on another website and have no control over it, so apologies in advance if it goes down.

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Man of Steel by DrMalo

Superman: Man of Steel crashes into theaters with one fist forward on June 14, 2013. Check out the full poster below!

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