Halo 4 Weapons Trailer! Oh yeah!!

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By on August 9, 2012

As you all may know all of here at TMCD are Mad crazy halo fans and we are excited to announce the release of the Official Weapons trailer for Halo 4. There are some Big surprises and some fantasy weapons that have finally been added to the game.

Check out the Video below and we will also detail some information about each UNSC weapon.

The Weapons:

Assault Rifle – A classic that was brought back to the Halo franchise and Sprays a shower of bullets on Any target.

Magnum – One of the first Halo Favs, This pistol is used for accurate and deadly head-shots at close range. (Grunts beware)

Battle Rifle – The battle rifle was introduced in the later Halo franchise games but its an accurate alternative to the Wild Assault Rifle.

DMR – The DMR is an even more accurate version of the Battle rifle and packs more damage with less wasted Ammo.

Rocket Launcher – The Noob and Vet Fav for taking down Vehicles and locking on targets. Or just rocket jumping Fun.

Shotgun – We call this “The Dave special” Because it takes a certain (Crazy) type of person to prefer this weapon even on an open map lol. Its best used for short range attacks and quick deaths.

Sniper – The most accurate sniper rifle in First person shooter Gamin (my biased Opinion). This 50 cal can shot through a mountain if done right.

Sticky Detonator - This is a new one and we will get more information for you. But from what we can tell its a weapon that was inspired but Convent Tech (Sticky Grenades). The advantage is that it has a controlled Detonator .. which i can already tell will lead to some great replays!

SAW – The “SAW” sounds like exactly what it does, checking out the fire rate of this weapon it is a SAW with bullets and chops down anything in its path.

Sparten Laser – The New BIG GUN added to Halo recently, this Massive one shot at a time Weapon has the ability to shutdown

Single Shot – This weapon seems like another UNSC weapon inspired by Covie Tech. It charges up and looks like a Coive rifle and and blast out a single shot that might rip through a Warthog.

Let us know your thoughts on the weapons and your favorite weapon.





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