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New Iphone 5 Lighting Connector

New Iphone 5 Lighting Connector

New iphone 5 Lighting connector
New iphone 5 Lighting connector


The new iphone 5 has been released and one of the major Differences with the device is the “Lighting” connector. With its arrival is the end of the classic 30 pin connector for most apple devices. The new 8-pin Digital connector looks exactly as rumors have said. For anyone who has a old connector and Deck devices that were created for that connector, apple also will release a adapter to allow continued use.


The adaptor is a lil over an inch thick and also interface between the old 30 pin connector and the new 8-pin digital interface. I am not sure how this will hold up with my Alarm clock dock.

This connector is a way for apple to save face and recover any lost partnerships with companies like Belkin who produce a crap load of accessories that work with the iPhone classic 30-pin connector.

Watching the Apple Live event I am realizing that this iPhone 5 is nothing super innovative like we would have expected from apple during the Steve Jobs era. If you disagree Please tell me why below. (Comments) Its seems now that they rush products just to make sales and they are hindering the creative process.  What seems to be happening with the Technology is that they are playing catchup. There is nothing innovative about the iphone 5’s smaller connector, yeah its digital but the rest of the mobile phone community has been using micro USB for years. Given Apples new lighting connector will be much faster (hence the name) the size is nothing new.

Lets just hope that Later on if Apple reveals another new product like an improved Mac book its actually innovative and something we would expect form apple rather then them constantly playing “Catch up and Make pretty”

Oh YEAH Just in case you were wondering here is the Price run-down for the new Iphone 5.


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