Marquez knocks out Manny Pacquiao in sixth round

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By on December 9, 2012

VEGAS – Manuel Marquez Knocks Out Manny Pacquiao in the 6th round with a monstrous ass counter punch.

The event had stars from all over like Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney to NBA legend Magic Johnson.

Marquez put Pacquiao down in the third round, also with a right hand, while Pacquiao put Marquez down in the fifth.

The knockout came at 2:59 of the sixth, a round that Pacquiao likely would have won had it finished. It was a good round with plenty of back-and-forth action, but Pacquiao was landing his left regularly.

“He caught me with my hand down,” Pacquiao said. “That was an error and we corrected it. We worked strength, we worked speed and you can see the result.”

“I got hit by a punch I didn’t see.”

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