Home Beer One Bourbon, One Scotch, Oh Dear!: Being The Life Of The Party Is No Laughing Matter
One Bourbon, One Scotch, Oh Dear!: Being The Life Of The Party Is No Laughing Matter

One Bourbon, One Scotch, Oh Dear!: Being The Life Of The Party Is No Laughing Matter

If you haven’t been to a Christmas/Holiday party yet, there is a good chance you will be this weekend.  Better yet, you may actually be hosting one!  (Respect.) Fortunately you’re not alone.  The Mancave Daily will be holding you down as always, making sure your offerings go noticed by the people that matter.

An equation I apply to all avenues of my existence– Novelty + Quality = Victory.  What does that mean?  If you’ve seen a commercial for it this holiday season, don’t waste your money.  Seriously.  No Goose, No Henny, No Walker.  Just don’t.  Furthermore, don’t spend a grip of cash on something that the majority of guests will be swilling back or worse…mixing.  What you want is good stuff for a reasonable price that people will be asking you all about once they figure out that you are the mysterious man who brought the bottle they’ve never seen before.

We’ve put together this crack team Moneyball-style. Any of these bottles will land you a seat at the big kids table.  They’ll also get you big time cred at your own party…

TMCD’s perfect holiday party lineup:

Bourbon: Evan Williams Single Barrel  $26

Be a man and drink bourbon.  One ice cube or neat. And take your time.  This is a sip-worthy spirit that drinks like it cost way more than you paid.

Blended Scotch: Black Grouse – $27

I’m a single-malt drinker by nature but I have to say, The Black Grouse is a fine blend.  Approachable enough for the Johnny Walker drinkers but with the beautiful bouquet of flavors that make boys into scotch drinking gentlemen.

No. 209 Gin From San Francisco 750ml

Gin: No. 209 – $30

Sure, I’m bias. I love small batch and California made items.  This baby is both.  It also makes for a hell of a Vesper if you’re the “shaken not stirred” type.

Vodka –  Monopolowa Vodka – $13
Vodka is a neutral spirit.  In fact, most people talk about how “good” a vodka is based on whether or not they can tell that their drink is for adults.  This guy is a double gold winner and for the price, you won’t care what your guests are mixing with it.

Ron Abuelo 7 Year Old Panama Rum 750ml

Rum: Ron Abuelo 7 year old Panama Rum – $25

Ron Abuelo is a rum for OG Rum lovers that will also take your infamous punch to the next level.






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