Rosee Divine

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By on February 25, 2013



Rosee Divine:

Man Cave Daily Venom Vixen of the month

Rosee Divine Measurements : 34D – 24 – 45
Height : 5’8 / 175 cm
Weight : 160 lbs / 72 kg
Ethnicity : French (with 25% Greek)

This Venom Vixen comes to us from France and is making a Huge impact with her sexy smile and even sexier body. Check out here Official Bio below and some Photos and Gifs.

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Rosee Divine Videos

Rosée is in less than a year internationally infamous for her real and extremely curvaceous body as well as her exotic look, thick French accent and European demeanor.

She was born and raised in France where she studied French literature, philosophy, English, Spanish, German…and successfully graduated in International Business then Finance. At 22, she decided to come in America, and you’ve been following her story since then in mags such as Smooth Girl which she graced the latest cover of, on twitter, on instagram, or even videos such as worldstar hiphop…

In such a short time she accomplished more than most full-fledged models and her entrepreneur state of mind as well as her talent and creativity allowed her to explore a few aspects she excels at such as fashion designing, writing novellas, modeling, among other things. She has a very intense social life and loves interracting with people. As you can see, her social media fan base grows larger and larger with everyday that passes.

What else? Let’s see…her most favorite thing in the world is eating. Even in France when everybody was telling her to lose weight she wouldn’t give up on her first love: food. Being French, you imagine she knows quite a lot about it! She says she has a love-hate relationship with the gym, but still trains a lot.

Fresh, exotic, sassy, outgoing and…so French!

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