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Keeping Baby Memoriea Alive With Bronze Shoes

Keeping Baby Memoriea Alive With Bronze Shoes

Baby shoes are so adorable and some parents like to keep them to remember those tiny but adorable feet. But over time a pair of shoes on their own can begin to fall apart from dirt and age. There is a way to keep them for many years to come and the best way to do that is to get them bronzed.

How to bronze baby shoes

In order for a shoe to be bronzed it should be six inches or smaller. We are able to bronze plastic, leather, crocheted or knitted shoes. It can be done with a single shoe or a pair. The shoe is hardened and cleaned. Then each shoe has a hole places in it to allow the bronze material to cover the entire shoe. Our company uses electroplating with the bronze to seal the shoe completely. It takes several applications and every bit of the shoe is covered. Shoes can be done in antique bronze, bright bronze, pewter, silver or 24-karat gold. Our company does the actual bronzing. We use actual metal not paint.

Bronze shoes can be displayed on their own or on wood panel bases. Our company also offers the option to put the child’s name and birthdate on the base along with the child’s birthstone or zodiac sign for free. This is great to pair with your baby’s picture for display at your home or for family members as gifts with a personal touch.

How to Keep Your Shoes Shiny

After you get the shoes they are easy to take care of. You just need a nice clean soft cloth to wipe the dirt off. If the bronze needs a little shine you take the cloth and gently rub the shoe in small, gentle circles to restore it to beauty. It is best not to use chemicals or abrasives on the shoe since this could damage the finish.

Those tiny shoes can become family heirlooms since our work has a life time guarantee. We want you to have a keepsake to remember those special moments of a child’s first pair of shoes or first pair worn while walking.




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