Summer Sports & Good Whiskey

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By on June 21, 2013

This post brought to you by Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey. All opinions are 100% mine.

Yesterday Me & the Guys from the MCD watched some AMAZING sports moments live on TV! Even though we were too far away from the events to attend in person we got some friends together and Watched the United States Men’s Soccer Team win Against Honduras and Finalize their place in the World cup. It was an awesome moment because the crowd starting chanting “We are going to Brazil!” and so did we!

Also we watched one of the most amazing NBA finals Games of the decade! With only 28 sec left in the game the Miami Heat were down 5 points and came back to win the game and force a game 7!



It was a great moment for American soccer and watching the finals was Exciting for any Basketball fan! It was made even better with an American Whiskey that is perfect for the summer and the moments you’ll remember all year long. Before the game we cracked open a bottle of Jack Daniel’s honey Whiskey (Our Favorite blend) and combined it with some All-natural Lemonade. This makes the perfect summer drink for cooking on the grill and just hanging out! the blend of Jack and Honey makes for the sweetest smoothest flavor of whiskey EVER!

When we mixed this drink we decided it was too good to not have a name and being so smooth it had to be a Ladies name, so we called our mix of Jack Daneil’s Honey and Lemonade “Jacklyn” (Jack + Lemonade). And from now on when we gather during the summer for those perfect moments that should NEVER be missed!

We pour a few Jacklyn’s and let the good times begin!

But dont worry if you have not had a chance to create some awesome moments this summer “Jack Daniel’s” is hooking you up! All you have to do is enter the “Jack Summer Swarm” Photo contest and Jack D will pay for your Summer Trip! ($5,000 travel voucher) Enter the contest Below and Vote Daily for your chance to win other prizes like Exclusive Jack Daniel’s Gear and a Prize pack!

Click the link or photo below to enter and dont forget to MAKE THE SUMMER YOURS!




**As always, drink responsibly this summer and of course only enjoy an adult beverage if you are above 21 years old**

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