How beta-alanine is used in sports

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By on July 3, 2013

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Athletes are always searching for new ways to increase their optimum output during exercise: to run faster, lifter heavier and play harder. Eating the correct ratio of food is paramount to developing a healthy body alongside regular exercise in your chosen sport – yet for many athletes this isn’t enough.

Finding the time and money to consume seven meals a day and work out during those breaks is difficult, which is why many top sports people supplement their diets with health aids such as protein shakes, energy bars and amino acids.

One great amino acid that hits the body where it needs it most is beta-alanine. It combines with L-Histidine to create carnosine, a product the muscles greatly demand during exercise. Carnosine is a natural product found in meat like beef or pork but your body only stores a limited amount and eating your bodyweight in meat is not a good method of boosting those levels.

Instead, a beta-alanine shake is easily digestible and quick to make. The carnosine outcome sits in the muscles and helps to clear cells of dangerous build-ups of lactic acid. Livestrong have found how the acid deteriorates and aids the breakdown of protein in the muscles, so it’s good to have rid of it. In return, the protein in your body can get to work rebuilding and strengthening skeletal muscles like thighs, calves and biceps.

If you’re looking to increase your bulk then beta-alanine is great during weight sessions and circuit training. It is advised you take the supplement on a regular basis either before or after physical exercise, so your body gets into a routine it can rely on.

The same can be said for endurance athletes like marathon runners and cyclists. The burn you feel when exercising for a long time is that lactic acid mounting in the muscles, which is why it’s so important to have agents that prevent the build-up.

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