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5 Great Ways To Stay In Touch With College Friends

Playing fantasy football

It’s gotten a lot easier these days for friends to stay in touch over long distance, thanks to improvements in technology and communication. From Facebook and Skype to basic texting, emailing and various other social networks, we have more ways than we can count to keep up with friends. But at the same time, it’s inevitable for friends to grow apart a bit when separated by distance.

This is particularly relevant for guys leaving college, heading out in different directions to pursue different careers. It’s just a bummer, and there’s no way around it. But in addition to basic communications and “keeping up,” there are a number of good old-fashioned man cave style activities you can enjoy together online that can help you feel like you’re back in your dorm or campus apartment. Here are 5 suggestions for such activities.

1. Fantasy Sports

If you’ve ever played fantasy sports – or seen an episode of FX‘s “The League” – you know just how much of an impact this can have on friendships. Football gets all the publicity, but fantasy sports have come a long way for just about every sport out there. Probably the best way to set it up is to get a close group of friends to commit to a league for years to come – that way, even if you lose touch a bit, there’s always the league – and whatever unique rules, bets, etc. you want to attach to it.

2. Console Multiplayer

In our book, nothing is more fun with friends over distance than something like Call of Duty multiplayer online. The ability to link up with friends to control a multiplayer shooter squad is just incredibly entertaining. But it’s also a matter of taste, as online multiplayer has taken over console gaming. For example, in the upcoming NBA 2k14 game, there’s a “Crew” mode that lets you build a custom team with friends online.

3. Online Casinos

Gambling together in online poker games and similar activities is also a great way to get some man cave action no matter where you are. Our pick for a surprisingly engaging online gambling activity is the Bingo at Betfair. There are a bunch of different themed rooms that add unique twists, and it’s a great casual way to gamble online.

4. Video (Drinking) Chat

Put a spin on the traditional Skype catch-up session and work in a drinking game like you would have back in college. If you get creative, there are pretty much limitless options.

5. Run A Blog

This might not give you your standard time together, but it’s a great way to stay linked up through an activity. It could be movie reviews, sports talk, random musings, etc., but maintaining a blog with your friends gives you something to do together, talk about, etc. no matter how busy you are with the rest of your lives.




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