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Thanos Rising: Who is Thanos?

The MAD TITAN, Lover of Death Herself The Villain to Villains. Thanos Has Many names And seems to be the only Villain in the Marvel universe who doesn’t seek to rule the universe or Gain riches or an Empire. His only interest is Death. The destruction of Everything and the bitter sweet comfort of the eternal entity [...]

Thor and Malekith battle Video

We just got some more shots of Christopher Eccleston as the villain Malekith on the set of Thor 2: The Dark World. CAUTION SPOILERS!! Geek-Prime In the images we get to see a battle (Not sure if final battle) between Thor and Malekith and from what we can tell its hammer time and Thor is about smash [...]

Iron man 3 Official Trailer #1

The Newest Iron man 3 Trailer has been released and while watching we got goose bumps. The plot and details about the new Iron man 3 movie we will post below but from the trailer we can already see that this story will go deeper into the psych of Tony stark and help us finally see him […]

New Ironman 3 Trailer and Images

Today we get some new images of the “Patriot Armor” Developed by the US military for Ironman 3. This lets us know that Tony is going to be in a mess of trouble in the upcoming film. Not only going up against International Terrorist “The Mandarin” played by Ben Kingsley but everyone else as well. Cant wait to see some […]

Thor 2: The Dark World Set Images

Today we get our first peek at Set images for Thor 2: The Dark World that feature Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Jaimie Alexander (Sif). Warning seeing these set images might reveal some possible spoilers so be warned. These images below include almost a full cast of the movie in Make-up and even some stunts in action. These […]