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Marvel’s Brian Michael Bendis Gives us the scoop on  AGE OF ULTRON and some exclusive Details about the Upcoming Marvel-Universe changing series.  A few weeks ago marvel gave us a teaser to an upcoming event and all we got from it was “March 2013 A.U.” for a while we have No Idea what the heck it ment until [...]

Nova #3 Preview

Marvel has been busy, And from the Mas of Previews of the upcoming NOVA comic it seems like they are gearing up for a Massive event and want to get readers interested as quickly as possible. a Few days ago we got a preview of Nova #1 and Yesterday NOVA #2 and now we have [...]

Nova #2 Preview

After getting our first look at Nova #1 a few Days ago Marvel as now released a few images (Black & White) of Nova #2. Here we get to see the New NOVA go head to head with the “Guardians of the Galaxy” Check out the Preview Pages below and also let us know what you [...]

Nova #1 Preview

We learned in the start of AVENGERS VS. X-MEN that there was a new NOVA and apparently he has already done his part to save the earth once. But who the hell is he! Obviously he isn’t Richard Rider so there are alot of questions in the air about the “New” Nova Corps & this new NOVA who [...]

Superman and Wonder Women find love?

Batman is not gonna like this … It would seem that in the upcoming Justice league #12 Superman and Wonder Women will find love and from what writer Geoff Johns is telling us it seems that this going to be a main stay. A romantic relationship between these two was always obvious and may have […]