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    Funny avengers photos

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  • guardians_of_the_galaxy_250-500x278

    Avengers After credits scene Thanos

    The Avenegers was an Epic movie and we fully reviewed it here >> Avengers Official Review << . But now i wanted to chat a bit about the after credits scene that featured a character Many wont be familiar with but Alot...

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  • New High Res-Images of 2nd Avengers Trailer And video!

    And more Awesome images of “The Avengers” Below May 3rd 2012!

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  • x-men-avengers.636x491


    This summer Marvel once again will own the movie scene with The Avengers Set to hit the Big screen (Finally!). Marvel announced a Livestream event to happen today at 3pm ET that will talk about the BIG EVENT starting this April....

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  • Iron-Man-3

    The Avengers Official Trailer Released

    Ok Update from that Last Post Marvel just Dropped the Bomb … Official Avengers Movie trailer is here Big ups to @problemattick For pulling us over to her computer screen and going Ohh ohh Looky New THor *as she drools*...

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  • avengersanimation9

    Avengers News Video: Canceled Video game Gives movie details

    There has been much debate out the on the internet and between me and the guy at the hot dog stand, about who exactly will the avengers face off against in the upcoming movie. THQ it seems...

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  • Avengers-Movie-set-Capt-Ameria-Skrull-the-man-cave-daily

    Captain America fighting the Skrull on Avengers set

    Ok so its pretty much Confirmed the main enemy to face off against the Avengers next summer will be the Skrull. Here are some exclusive photos of the Capt. going up against a few on them (Not...

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