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    Thor 2: The Dark World Set Images

    Today we get our first peek at Set images for Thor 2: The Dark World that feature Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Jaimie Alexander (Sif). Warning seeing these set images might reveal some possible spoilers so be warned. These images...

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  • The=HUlk-Avengers

    The Avengers Deleted Scene Bruce Banner and the Hulk

    In this deleted Scene from the avenges the Hulk (Bruce Banner) Comes to terms with being the hulk and understanding the amount of good he can do Verses the amount of damage he can cause. The wisdom of the...

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  • Stark-Explode

    Funny avengers photos

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  • Avengers-Review-100

    Avengers Review

    The Hulk, Captian America, Ironman, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Nick Fury. These names alone are some of Geekdoms Favorite Characters. But in Marvel’s “Avengers” Director and writer Joss Whedon understands these Epic Super-beings and brings them together in...

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  • avengers_the-man-cave-daily_60

    New High Res-Images of 2nd Avengers Trailer And video!

    And more Awesome images of “The Avengers” Below May 3rd 2012!

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  • Avengers-Movie-set-Capt-Ameria-Skrull-the-man-cave-daily

    Captain America fighting the Skrull on Avengers set

    Ok so its pretty much Confirmed the main enemy to face off against the Avengers next summer will be the Skrull. Here are some exclusive photos of the Capt. going up against a few on them (Not...

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  • Avengers

    Marvel: Avengers Teaser Trailer

    New Teaser Trailer for the upcoming Avengers Movie.  cant Wait till actual Trailer is released Like i said before we should get a Preview at the end of the Captain America Movie, Since the CA2  is set to...

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