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    Avengers After credits scene Thanos

    The Avenegers was an Epic movie and we fully reviewed it here >> Avengers Official Review << . But now i wanted to chat a bit about the after credits scene that featured a character Many wont be familiar with but Alot...

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    Avengers Review

    The Hulk, Captian America, Ironman, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Nick Fury. These names alone are some of Geekdoms Favorite Characters. But in Marvel’s “Avengers” Director and writer Joss Whedon understands these Epic Super-beings and brings them together in...

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    New High Res-Images of 2nd Avengers Trailer And video!

    And more Awesome images of “The Avengers” Below May 3rd 2012!

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    The Avengers Movie Plot

    Updates about PLOT:   Confirmed Skrull Fight on the Streets of New York i mean Cleveland … I mean New York! Ok Beware if you dont want to know the plot of the movie Go no further!!! really i...

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  • New-Red-Skull-Images-man-cave-daily

    New Red Skull Shots! From the new CA: The First Avenger Movie!

    Here is a newly released Photo of  Hugo Weaving as the Red Skull from the upcoming Marvel flick Captain America: The First Avenger. Hugo Weaving For some reason always plays the most effective Bad guy and he almost becomes...

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  • Red-Skull-1

    New Captain America Images!! And Exclusive Movie Trailer!

    We have been waiting a Long Time to see the new Red Skull and we get some images of him! Not only that but we also get to see the first appearance of the Shield.  Cant wait...

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    The New Wonder Women is …. Adrianne Palicki

    The New Wonder Women Show set to Air on NBC has casted Adrianne Palicki (Pictured Below ) as Wonder Women. Her tall Bod and Kick Ass Jaw line make her perfect to play Diana the Dominating Amazonian...

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