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Star Wars: The Old Republic Opening Trailer

The Game trailer below is Detailed AMAZING and looks like a Movie i would watch over and over and over again. I was kind of hoping that Star Wars:The Old Republic would be more like The Force Unleashed, But its going to be a MMORPG. Im starting to learn i will never grow tired of this universe. […]

Ray Stevenson Plays Punisher Again in Thor.

Punisher: War Zone may have been a bit of a financial and critical bust back in 2008, but some of the folks over at Marvel not only think The Punisher still has appeal, but War Zone’s star, Ray Stevenson, too. While promoting his upcoming film, Kill the Irishman, Stevenson talked about the fact that Marvel has reacquired the […]

The Man cave of Brad Pitt …

From The Sunday Times For Brad Pitt, home is where the “man cave” is. The actor exemplifies the need felt by a growing number of American males to create a space away from women and children, and dedicated to “boys’ toys”, from jukeboxes to gym equipment, motorbikes and beer kegs. As a father of six, Pitt […]