• Thor and Malekith battle Video

    We just got some more shots of Christopher Eccleston as the villain Malekith on the set of Thor 2: The Dark World. CAUTION SPOILERS!! Geek-Prime In the images we get to see a battle (Not sure if final battle)...

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  • Region capture 54

    Thor 2 Villain Confirmed, Doctor who?

    And it looks like “Thor 2: The Dark World” Has its villain and its Docter Who! … Ok ok well not really but Christopher Eccleston ( the 9th docter) has been cast to play the main villain in “Thor 2: The Dark...

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  • Thor-The-Dark-World-thor-the-dark-world-31473510-2048-1381

    Thor 2 Villains Revealed – Dark Elves?

    Thor 2 Villains May have been revealed in a slip up by Stuntman James Grogan. It always happens in one interview someone slips up and says somrthing they should not have. In an interview with “I Review...

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  • Iron-man3-warmachine

    Don Cheadle to return as War Machine in The Avengers 2

    With Marvel confirming The Avengers 2 and Ironman 3 many have wondered about new characters that may be set to appear or if marvel will be bringing back past fan favorites to the new film. We all love Ironman but whats...

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  • Gardians-Of-The-Galaxy

    Marvel Confirms Guardians of the Galaxy movie for 2014

    With the appearance of Thanos in the After credits of Marvels “Avengers” Marvel gave us a hint into the next stage of the Universe (619). But now confirmed by Latino review @ Comic-Con San Diego that their will be a...

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