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Thor 2: The Dark World Set Images

Today we get our first peek at Set images for Thor 2: The Dark World that feature Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Jaimie Alexander (Sif). Warning seeing these set images might reveal some possible spoilers so be warned. These images below include almost a full cast of the movie in Make-up and even some stunts in action. These […]

Avengers After credits scene Thanos

The Avenegers was an Epic movie and we fully reviewed it here >> Avengers Official Review << . But now i wanted to chat a bit about the after credits scene that featured a character Many wont be familiar with but Alot of people will be. After the credits we see the being that gave Loki the army to invade […]

Avengers Review

The Hulk, Captian America, Ironman, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow and Nick Fury. These names alone are some of Geekdoms Favorite Characters. But in Marvel’s “Avengers” Director and writer Joss Whedon understands these Epic Super-beings and brings them together in the perfect formula that makes Hard core Fanboys like myself stand in the movie theater and cheer as […]


This summer Marvel once again will own the movie scene with The Avengers Set to hit the Big screen (Finally!). Marvel announced a Livestream event to happen today at 3pm ET that will talk about the BIG EVENT starting this April. Well The Man Cave Daily stumbled upon a press release talking about exactly what this BIG LIVE EVENT […]

New Thor Images and Poster:

Check out these Images and Promo Posters From Marvel. Just got a copy of my newest Thor comic so im going to jump in the bed and check it out, Also get to know the story of the Secret avengers. Seems like a great concept for a story. In the mean time enjoy these New […]